Sunday, February 19, 2017

Part of our long weekend

We are pretty excited about all this warm weather, and a long weekend with no set plans. So that means busting out a few projects at home & treating the boys to some fun.

Friday is our being lazy & grocery shopping day. Not a whole lot of people shop Friday nights so that's a win in my book! 

Saturday I finally decided to grab a shovel and get to work on this* project I've had pinned on my Pinterest for quite some time. Later we dropped Maks off for some one-on-one Jammy time (what they call my mother in-law) while we took the big boys out to a fancy dinner & ice cream. Jake ended up getting sick in Cold Stone's parking lot, but still managed to keep down some cotton candy ice cream with gummy bears.

Today Derek poured & leveled the concrete while Owen and I were at his first 4-H meeting. He had such a fun time playing and making new friends. He can't wait to go back to next month's meeting. I can't wait until he is old enough to show a calf! :)

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I've also been slowly rearranging the toy room and trying to decide how we should decorate this space. This* is my vision for one of the walls! Hoping to get the navy paint on the wall within the next two days.The stars and constellations will definitely be another weekend's project.  

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Here's to unplugging for the next two days 
and taking as many sink baths as possible to fight off these colds.


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