Wednesday, February 22, 2017

food allergy update

I could sooo get use to easy weeks like these. The boys had Monday off, Derek had until Tuesday off and can we talk about this perfect weather! 

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Tuesday we got Owen off to school & packed up  the rest of the gang to see the allergy doctor. It was prick test number two for mister Maks. This time he was tested for: cashews, oat, milk, egg, fresh milk, fresh egg, cats, dog, dust mites, and a few grasses and trees.
These allergies are so crazy--you guys, he showed up negative for dogs and cats! 
Remember little miss Luna we had? 

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He should of been okay with her. We are now wondering if it was her food that had an allergen in it to make him react when she licked his face. I guess we will never know....
That was the good news, for future dog purchases ;)  the bad news is those pesky eggs and dairy. I mean we knew that he still would react from them, but we had hopes that he improved slightly. 

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Nope. no improvement. In fact they gave us a prescription for an Epipen. 

So here is my PSA for the day: please do not give my sweet little babe any food/drink without asking Derek and I beforehand.  And pretty please don't think we are rude and snotty for asking you to wash your hands. We just really love our little Maks and never want to use the Epipen on him.

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So life will go on as it has been and we will keep food prepping and studying labels. Its amazing what is out there for people with food allergies-- for lunch Maks had macaroni and cheese. He eats pancakes and mash potatoes (not together) like its his job. And loves when I make him blueberry muffins. So its not a total pain in the butt, just have to be willing to put time and effort in. 

happy halfway to the weekend friends!

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