Thursday, May 10, 2018

It's been awhile since I've posted, and something non Maks medical related, so here's a bit if what the rest of the Cain's have been up to.

Owen (7yrs old) - every Friday, Owen goes to guitar lessons. He's done so well and learns quick.  His favorite songs to play are "I love rock and roll" and "Hallelujah". Baseball season has started and he is loving it! His team is undefeated 4-0, this is definitely their year. During free time he loves to play Mine craft, legos, read, and be outside.

Jake (5 yrs old)- is our wild child! He loves to play in the dirt and wrestle. He started his first year of baseball & loves it already. When Jake grows up he wants to be a firefighter, construction worker, and a leprechaun. He has a new love for building with legos and always wants to help cook or bake in the kitchen. My favorite is how he turns into the biggest lovebug at night time.

Maks (2 yrs old)- this boy loves to be outside. He also loves to eat! Some of Maks' favorites are mashed potatoes, broccoli, avocado toast, and chicken tortilla soup. Body like a back road is Maks' current jam, we listen to it at least 88x a day. A guaranteed smile on his face if you have bubbles or put him in water.

Husband- got a new job at work which is keeping him extra busy from 7-3. When he's not at work he's coaching baseball x2 or making me my latest and greatest Pinterest idea ;)

Momma- I have been doing my normal stay a home mom gig + really enjoying learning how to play the guitar. I binge watch Hart of Dixie on Netflix whenever I have the chance and currently am reading The Boy Who Could Run But Not Walk. 

Monday, March 5, 2018

I feel like we are due for a little in detail Maks update since we have so many of you praying & cheering him on!

In the past two months, we have been back up to Children's hospital for a neurology visit and a 24 hour EEG. 
The neurology visit was like ones in the past, 3-4 hours long, meeting with several people (speech, PT, OT, psychology, neurologist), and Maks showing them his new achievements. However this one ended with another diagnosis, which we weren't prepared for. We weren't even a half hour into the initial appointment before autism got thrown around. They listed a few characteristics of autism and wanted to test him at the end of our appointment. Us, not knowing anything about autism, agreed to the testing. We weren't too keen on how the test went/the length it took. Just to give you guys an idea, she handed Maks a baby doll (which he's never seen in his short life) and wanted him to throw baby a party. Think plate, cup, make a cake out of play doh, candles, singing...the whole nine yards. It wasn't happening, he was trying to figure out what that baby was! The whole test lasted about 15-20 minutes and a diagnosis was presented. All of Maks' therapists, who know him second best after us, disagree. We were also told if there was another underlying problem (his cerebral palsy), that the test shouldn't be done. So there's that..

Cerebral palsy and seizures kind of go hand in hand, so the EEG was checking out his brain activity for a "normal" day and sleep. We went into it with negative thoughts, but it ended up not being so bad. Derek and I got to eat some food from places we miss & Maks even took a nap! My back is still recovering from the awful pull out couch though. 

More big Maks news is coming!! We have a very important and exciting day Wednesday--stay tuned šŸ˜‰šŸ“ŗ


Tuesday, January 30, 2018

I will forever being tell you all thank you & loving all of your sweet messages and posts. Knowing we have such supportive friends and family really makes this journey a bit easier. So thank you for taking time out of your day to message us, ask how we are doing, praying, commenting on our Maks videos, and even "liking" a picture. It doesn't go unnoticed, especially on the tough days♡

Today we have another appointment at Children's Hospital in the neurology department. These particular appointments last between three and four hours long. Definitely not one of our favorite things to attend. Then add on any extra stuff (blood work, EEG, urine sample,...) and bam, we are there pretty much all day! Derek and I are hoping today has no surprise tasks after our appointment--keep your fingers crossed for us.

Speaking of appointments, guess what we are in the works of?
School for Maks. yeah I know. I can't believe it either, but it's happening.
I'm not exactly sure how I feel about it yet, so many mixed emotions. Scared, happy, worried, but excited. It helps so much knowing my mom in-law works there & Maks will be seeing his old (very first PT he had) therapist while he is there. Our meeting with the school is in the process of being scheduled, so we will know more soon!

Time to continue this busy week--next up on the list is trying out horse therapy!
I'm excited & hope he loves it.