Thursday, January 11, 2018

A year + some

I didn't even realize we are (way) past our one year mark of therapy!

This little gem showed up in my timehop today & I couldn't believe how much Maks has learned.
I still remember our very first PT session, so many tears and lots of screaming. We were simply working on tummy time & being able to hold his head up. The weeks after that were the same. Finally he was getting stronger and we were able to work on his four point stance (hands and knees, crawling position). A year ago that's where we were. As of yesterday he is learning how to walk using a walker. So much time, patience, and love in the past 365 days.
I wish I could capture every moment of therapy--Maks has really been crushing his goals lately & I've been coming home so excited to tell Derek. He usually asks if I got a picture or a video. Half the time my phone is playing music for Maks and the other half I'm living so much in the moment, it's buried in the diaper bag.

Here's to another great year at therapy Maks--you sure are one awesome, determined little babe.


Friday, January 5, 2018

Alright 2018

I have a problem...I want to keep this up and running, but I also like to disappear from the social media world for days/weeks at a time. I guess it will work itself out and I'll post when the time is right. You'll just have to bare with me & this schedule of mine ;)

Christmas was fabulous. No one was sick! I couldn't believe it. That in itself was a Christmas present to Derek and I. The past few years have not been so good to us around this time.

I feel like every year gets a little more magical with the boys & a little bit tougher keeping the Santa secret. So many questions about the jolly man, their elf on the shelf, and the reindeer. "How does Santa eat so many cookies without getting a belly ache?" "How do the reindeer fly?" "I saw two Santas at school today and they were different" "Can I eat that many cookies?"

Another year in the books and Derek & I are high fiving each other. He gets all the credit for our elf on the shelf--I didn't participate at all this year. Its one of those love hate relationship type things.

New years is usually pretty low key for us. I ended up getting the flu and was down for the count. Derek took over everything--meals, cleaning, playing, therapy, laundry, grocery shopping. I won the husband jackpot with this fella! Now we are five days into the new year & I am finally feeling back to normal and regaining my energy. I took all things Christmas down and our house is feeling more bare than ever. I am ready for tulips, Easter, and all things baseball! I do have a couple painting projects to hold me over for the next couple of months, so hopefully Maks will let me get some of that done.

Today is kind of a bitter sweet day, its my brother's birthday. Each year gets a wee bit easier as the special days pass without him, but hes never far from my thoughts. Today we will celebrate with some yummy treats and I'm sure a few hundred questions from the boys--they are always so interested in who uncle Tyler was.

my Maks alarm is going off, nap time is over!
happy friday friends

Friday, November 3, 2017

catching up on life

We've been kind of MIA on social media lately. Things are starting to slow down a smidge for us and I'm hoping to stay home snuggled up with my boys more often!

The big boys are doing pretty well in school. Owen is starting to read like a champ, which means no more spelling things out for Derek and I. He can add and subtract like it's going out of style & can tell you more about Christopher Columbus than I know. Jake is learning sight words & reading some short stories. He's also learning how to take numbers apart (like nine can be 4+5, 8+1, and so on).

Owen's fall ball had their end of the season party last weekend. I think my boys have a new love for bowling. Never a dull moment with the baseball fam❤
Jake can't wait to start in the spring!

Maks got some new gadgets-- his SMO orthotics, or as Derek calls him C-3PO (yes, that star wars robot guy) They have made such a huge difference! He is tolerating standing for longer periods and is even starting to take his own steps, when we help him weight shift.
In OT he is working on releasing objects, instead of flinging them, and strengthening those hand muscles. Speech is the one,for me, that is hard to see progress. It has taught me to have even more patience than I ever knew I had. We do a lot of repetition, I talk a lot to myself (really him) during the day and we have been working on sign language. I wish I would of took sign language in school, it really is so neat!There's more about Maks, medical wise, but I'll save that for another post.

Charlie, our pup, has been hittin' the doggy spa every six weeks like the spoiled baby he is. This last time they gave him a haircut like a poodle, I can't help but laugh every time I look at him!

Three weeks ago I snuck a new member into our family. I finally have another girl in the house--this is Milo and she has Owen wrapped around her paw. It's pretty darn cute.

Derek and I were able to sneak away for a few hours so he could finally have his birthday present! I'm pretty sure this was my best idea yet and I won't be able to top it. We had a little mix up two nights before, but it ended up working out in our favor + driving a better car.

We've got a fun filled schedule these next couple of days--Happy weekend!!