Wednesday, December 12, 2018

short & sweet

We've semi-retired our Gunnar the gait trainer, after eight short months, for a Winston the walker! 


Thursday, November 1, 2018

Goal crusher

I thought I'd give a quick update about Maks' progress over the past few weeks. He can now sit up from laying down, scribble, draw lines across, imitate a few sounds, stack blocks, walk up steps with help, go down steps on his bum, and probably my favorite thing is his bunny hop. We also got new orthotics, AFOs, that are blue camouflage. They are really making a difference! Two weeks ago we discovered Maks' right leg is about an inch longer than his left. That will be corrected with an insert either in his shoe or his AFO. Hopfully as he gets bigger, he will outgrow that. Maks started school two months ago and has really fallen into a great routine. He loves going, but definitely needs his naps on nonschool days. We are still working on balancing at therapy & his PR is 10 seconds! Each week this amazing little boy shows us how strong and determined he is. We never knew we'd be on this journey, but we sure do love our tour guide. 


Thursday, May 10, 2018

It's been awhile since I've posted, and something non Maks medical related, so here's a bit if what the rest of the Cain's have been up to.

Owen (7yrs old) - every Friday, Owen goes to guitar lessons. He's done so well and learns quick.  His favorite songs to play are "I love rock and roll" and "Hallelujah". Baseball season has started and he is loving it! His team is undefeated 4-0, this is definitely their year. During free time he loves to play Mine craft, legos, read, and be outside.

Jake (5 yrs old)- is our wild child! He loves to play in the dirt and wrestle. He started his first year of baseball & loves it already. When Jake grows up he wants to be a firefighter, construction worker, and a leprechaun. He has a new love for building with legos and always wants to help cook or bake in the kitchen. My favorite is how he turns into the biggest lovebug at night time.

Maks (2 yrs old)- this boy loves to be outside. He also loves to eat! Some of Maks' favorites are mashed potatoes, broccoli, avocado toast, and chicken tortilla soup. Body like a back road is Maks' current jam, we listen to it at least 88x a day. A guaranteed smile on his face if you have bubbles or put him in water.

Husband- got a new job at work which is keeping him extra busy from 7-3. When he's not at work he's coaching baseball x2 or making me my latest and greatest Pinterest idea ;)

Momma- I have been doing my normal stay a home mom gig + really enjoying learning how to play the guitar. I binge watch Hart of Dixie on Netflix whenever I have the chance and currently am reading The Boy Who Could Run But Not Walk.