Thursday, April 27, 2017

Neurology update

I didn't want to leave all those that have prayed, sent well wishes & love to Maks here is what we know now.

Last week we took him to children's for a three hour evaluation, which turned into four. He was with PT, OT, speech, psychology and neurology. Everyone did their own thing-- stretching, playing, talking, reading books and snuggling our little guy. Then they came and told us what they saw and how he did and where he's at age wise.
We knew he wasn't on the same level as a 22 month old but it stung a little to hear that Maks was equivalent to an eight month old. He has A LOT of catching up to do and that means increasing PT visits and starting OT and speech.

There is no official diagnosis of anything, yet. If at all (keeping our fingers crossed)
We have a MRI scheduled for June and a follow up visit in July. He had quite a bit of blood work done while we were there too. All of that was normal, just low on iron so we started to give him some vitamins until we can find an iron rich food he likes. Welcome to any ideas on that ;) 

We start speech and OT next week, along with our usual PT..and have to squeeze another PT in there somewhere. Then we just keep doing what we are doing until mid June. 

I posted this on my Facebook a few days ago...on our way home Florida Georgia Line's song came on and it really hit me right in the heart (picture big ugly crying crocodile tears, that was me) No matter what the outcome is for our little Maks, we love our rainbow baby just the way he is.

you better believe my love is
never gonna run dry,
never gonna come up empty
now until the day I die, unconditionally
you know I'm always gonna be here for ya
no one's ever gonna love you more than
God, your daddy, and me

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