Monday, February 13, 2017

Let's see if I remember how to do this

It's only been about a year since I've wrote on my blog🙊 YIKES!
And it wasn't a very happy posts to leave on. Maks had just gotten out of the hospital when he was super sick & the big boys had pink eye and a sinus infection. Whew, glad that wasn't a repeat this Christmas break.
A lot has been going on!
We are almost done remodeling our kitchen. If you've been to our house, you know this is huge for us! We had no counters what so ever. Luckily we had our big table and stove to food prep on. We are so close to being finished--new ceiling, stove, pantry and paint are the last few big things! 
Jake started his first year of school and so far he's doing pretty well. Doesn't always like going, but still amazing us. He also started his first sport, gymnastics & dance. He loves it! Their first recital is in June and I can hardly wait to watch his class❤
Owen is such a busy kid I feel like I never see him. I guess being in school all week for full days doesn't help. Definetly a switch up from those short preschool days. And baseball season is right around the corner! I think that's our favorite time of year. 
Maks is 20 months old now and still a pretty little fella. He works out at physical therapy once a week and at home with momma & daddy in between. Still rockin' his little glasses and avoiding dairy and eggs. Confirmation of other allergies TBD next week. 

Hoping I can bring this little blog back to life for my own enjoyment and for whoever else stays around to read :) 

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