Tuesday, November 10, 2015

we have a 5 month old!

well that went a little too quick! 

weight: at least 15 pounds, if not more. we will know for sure at his sixth month well visit in December.
height: 24 inches 
likes: boob milk, playing with daddy, elephant rattle, snuggling in bed with mommy & showers
dislikes: loud noises, lotion rubbed on him and being buckled in his car seat 

We tried some sweet potatoes the other day. He loved it the first night, but now not so much. He would rather just snuggle with mommy & nurse. And I am totally okay with that ;) 

there really isn't much new with Maks. He is really close to rolling over, but can't get that big ol butt of his (courtesy of his daddy) to go with the rest of his body. No teeth yet even though he is drooling a ton! Still very allergic to soy and dairy. His eczema comes & goes. We've been having more eczema free days than before so that's a plus. 
overall he is a pretty content, happy....
and sleepy little fella :) 

sweet dreams

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