Saturday, October 24, 2015

Oh it's been awhile

October is here and already almost gone. Is it just me or does fall seem to go by a little too quickly? And I mean fall like the leaves are still on and super pretty and its hoodie wearing weather. Once the trees are bare BAM! I consider it winter. 

Any who, soccer is officially over. They won their last game & finally got their pictures back. Now I need to find something else for us to do/join for the winter time. Keeping us busy makes me not a couch potato & let's face it, I like being a homebody couch potato.

We stole Liza for their cousin's Halloween birthday party! I may be biased but definitely the cutest Olaf, Snow White, Sheriff Woody & baby skeleton (not pictured) I've ever seen :) derek & I decided wayyyy last minute that we didn't want tricks played on us, so we dressed up too!

When at Wally World at 10:00 at night & there are no costumes get a little creative-- a deer & hunter. 

we have a four month old...almost five since I suck at updating this.

Mr. Maks is weighing in at 14.5 pounds & measuring 24 inches. His favorite things are eating, bath time, Sophie the giraffe and mommy snuggles. We are still battling with eczema & allergy stuff--but overall he's a pretty happy kid.

I think it's about time to wake up all these boys so we can go shopping! I love being the only girl ;) 

Happy Saturday

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