Thursday, September 17, 2015

1st soccer game + school

Man, I forgot how busy life was once school started back up! Tomorrow is Friday & I am definitely looking forward to our no plan weekend. 

Owen is giving soccer a try for the first time! He's got a lot to learn, but it is way cute watching those little muchkins running around :) tonight they had their first game. They lost--okay they got destroyed hahaa!

little brothers had no interest

Owen had school two days this week & they finally go all week starting Monday!  I've been letting him ride the bus home this year and he loves it! I was a little worried about the time he has from the end of school (3:00) till he gets home (4:15) but he says it doesn't bother him. It gives me an extra hour at home with the littles and that is a plus! And I can already see myself loving it when it gets cold out--no lugging Jake & Maks out :) 

Speaking of the littles, Jake is still wild and ornery as ever..sour patch kid I call him and Maks is getting big. like over 13lbs big & I don't like it. still some issues with nursing but it's really just trial and error. he is 100% allergic to soy, now we just have to figure out what else (the jury is still out with milk protein)

here is to a relaxing weekend!