Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Owen turns five!

you guys, I lied.
I thought for sure my little Oh-we would cry big, happy crocodile tears.
Butttt no such luck. 

He was still way surprised, since I convinced him mommy & daddy didn't have enough dollars for this tractor and wagon. Poor kid though he was just getting a balloon from the party store. 

Our little man rode and rode and rode that little tractor till the sun was setting & thankfully the battery died! We though it was hard to get him to come inside before, now it's 10x worse. I'm thinking of pitching a tent for him out there.

We aren't a family that really does birthday parties after their 1st birthday. We still get cake, obviously--but we usually plan something fun for their special day. In the past it's been the zoo, ice skating, a day out with Thomas the train, ice cream factory & toy store day. Owen told me he just wanted his two friends to surprise him. So we had a little cookout with them & played on our slip and slide. Aunt B and Unkie Mo surprised the boys too!!

I'll spare everyone the hilarious pictures of the adult slip & slide event ;) 

It all wore Jake out! and he is a wild little guy. He never falls asleep anywhere. One minute he was up asking for chips, the next he's on the floor snoozin' away. 

Sunday and Monday were spent with my mom, gram cracker & uncle. More cake and shopping at the Halloween store! 

That's how we ended our summer this year. School has started, the Buckeyes won their first game & soccer starts tomorrow.
I love fall!

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