Thursday, September 3, 2015

hello September!

as of September 1st, it is officially fall in my mind! Which also means I can finally decorate our house with pumpkins and all things fall :) hopefully that will happen this weekend along with celebrating Owen's 5th birthday! 

Seriously when did this guy get so big? Time is just flying for us! 
He has been asking for a ride on tractor and wagon for at least the past year..all I'm saying is there is guaranteed happy tears come tomorrow evening ;) 

We have been pretty busy the past few weeks--birthday parties, play dates, doctor appointments, school shopping + open house,just to name a few.

Owen starts school next week and Jake is pretty upset. I was crossing my fingers he would get in this year with Owen but no luck. next year baby bear, I promise.

Maks is growing like a weed! He has passed the 12 pound mark & quicky outgrowing size three month clothing. He sleeps like a champ, only waking up once to eat. Which--breastfeeding is going really well, I'm proud of us. Only problem that we've ran into so far is what we think is a milk protein allergy. 
A.K.A. momma has to give up all dairy products
whomp whomp.
It's been a little challenging, lots of label reading & research. We should see a difference in three-ish weeks! 
when our boobie feeding journey ends, I'm throwing myself an ice cream party. You are all invited. 

I can't tell you how excited I am for this extra long weekend ahead. More days with my co-worker being home is a big plus :) plus some surprise visitors for the munchkins! 


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