Tuesday, August 11, 2015

little bit of this and that

It is such a perfect day outside! 
This is my kind of weather. Not too hot and a nice breeze. 

Makes me excited for all things fall :) 
I may or may not of already been looking at Halloween costumes for the boys andddd holding myself back from decorating early. 

we have about a month left until school starts for Owen. He is way excited! Jake is upset because he is on the wait list and most likely won't be going till next year. I think he might enjoy the extra mommy time though! 

Jake turned three at the end of July! 
We already celebrated a month ago in Columbus when we took him ice skating. But we still had to do something on his birthday. So he picked out a cake, Wendy's for lunch, the zoo to ride the train and going to the toy store for a bubble machine. 
The life of a three year old!

This little chunk is two months old! 
His doctors appointment isn't until later this month and it's shot time :( 
I don't care how many kids you have, first shots never get easier.

This week is the Mr. and I's anniversary! Four years and counting<3
I'm still wondering what I'm going to do for him, the traditional gift is flowers/fruit. 
bag of apples?
I'm okay if we skip this year and just go out for chocolate! 

happy four years we've been stuck together, muffin :) 

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