Thursday, July 23, 2015

and just like that

six weeks have past
cue the sad faces
& Derek had his first half week back to work. He went back Tuesday and is taking tomorrow off to help on the farm. 

that means I got through my first half week of solo time with our three boys! we are all still alive, doing well & not hating life. 
baby steps.

over the six weeks, Derek and I have been exhausted while entertaining the boys and trying to knock some projects off the to-do list. 
needless to say, I wanted his last day off to be somewhat relaxing. so off to Bark Camp we went! They have a pretty nice little beach and it never seems to be crowded when we go. 
the boys had so much fun!
Maks missed out and slept the whole time.

we skipped out on jamboree in the hills this year, but did make an appearance at my brother & sister in-laws, who live right behind Jambo. The boys want a real four wheeler now after riding unkie Gabe's :) 

we had the Cain reunion and the Dyson reunion on the same day. It was a little tough attending both, but we made it! It was nice seeing all my mom's side of the family since their reunion doesn't happen too often. 

Life seems to be speeding by 10x faster than before. I have drafts of posts half written on here, including Maks' one month doctors appointment. My house is a bit on the messy side and I have piles of laundry to do, but we sure are enjoying life.

Happy early weekend :)

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