Monday, June 29, 2015

Maks update + some

it's been almost three weeks since he's been with us
and guys..I'm absolutely loving it! 

God sure knew what he was doing giving us three boys. 

Owen & Jake have adjusted so well. They are quite the little helpers :) 
we still have our bad days, but the good definitely outweigh the bad. 
It also really helps that Derek is on paternity leave. The boys are soaking up all the extra daddy time!! 

back to the littlest Cain boy...
•at his 1 week doctors appointment, he was already back up to birth weight (after losing 11oz at the hospital) 
so he is over 8 pounds of squishy-ness now :)  
•still fits in size newborn clothing
•he goes to bed at 9:00, wakes up three times to eat and gets up around 8:00 to start the day 
•boob milk man 
•naps like it's going out of style 

Maks went on his first road trip this past weekend. We headed up to my parents place to celebrate Jake's birthday a bit early. 

All winter long my middle baby has been saying he wants to go ice skating for his birthday. So we did just that

maybe some ice hockey babies this year?! :) 

But for now, this momma is going to take a little snooze with Maks

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