Monday, June 15, 2015

baby 3.0

a.k.a Maks David Cain 
is here!!
well he's been here, for like a week.
I'm just soaking in all the newborn goodness! 

big man weighed in at 
7lbs 11oz 
and is 
20 inches long. 

contractions & my water broke at home at 12:40am, made it to the hospital around 1:50am and delivered our babe at 2:24am.
Us Cain's don't mess around in the labor department ;) 

and I'm going to toot my own horn & tell you I had absolutely zero pain medication. I delivered that boy 100% on my own and felt everything! 
worse pain of my life? YES.
but so worth it

the big brothers were so excited to meet Maks. Jake was squealing & Owen couldn't stop smiling :) i think he is going to fit in perfectly.

This guy. 
without a doubt the best supporter, cheerleader and sock put-er-on-er.
I'm not going to get too mushy over here, but having your other half saying "you can do it babe!...YOU'RE A B.A.!" Is quite the little pep talk you need while squeezing a watermelon through a too small hole. 

I'd have to agree though, I am a bad ass.
and he is one helluvah hot dad ;) 

Thursday we finally got to go home! 
We were so ready to get out of there and sleep in our own bed. 
& see our big boys! 

Owen & Jake got to hang out with Jammy for a few days. And boy were they busy bees. we came home to clean laundry and dishes! we also came home to my mom making us dinner! 
We have some pretty awesome moms if I do say so myself. 

before I head back to my baby loving state, I do want to thank everyone who has stopped to visit, brought gifts & made us dinner!! we are definitely feeling the love :) 

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