Sunday, April 26, 2015

I'm stuck in my bathroom

and I'm not about to wake grumpy butt up, soooo good time for an update!

Our first official family vacation went pretty well. Trips away with little ones are always more work than relaxing, at least with ours it is. Which makes me even a more firm believer in schedules/routines for munchkins! 

Our first day of vacation started out like this:

every once in awhile my dad lets Derek take out both of his babies, while him and mom watch both of ours ;) 

The next day was more like this

It was Owen & Jake's first time on a plane. They did better than we thought, but still a bit of a handful. Luckily we all took the first day to hangout by the pool!

The second day was full of MICKEY MOUSE'S CASTLE!!! (as the boys call it)

and rain. lots of rain 
so we headed back to our home away from home.

The next morning was breakfast with Mickey. Highly recommend this! a bit expensive, but so worth it. 

Donald photo bombed :)
My dad actually didn't want to go to this but I booked it anyway & even he enjoyed it! 
The rest of the day we went shopping and hung out at the pool. 

Wednesday we went back to Magic Kingdom! We spent most of the day there, came back for a short rest, then went back till closing time. 

My parents & Hubby left us to go on a big ride, so naturally we had to do something just as "big" ;)

five minutes &
$30 later.....

they turned into Pluto & some type of Dragon Emperor somethin' or other. 
either way, they were happy and I guess that's all that matters.

The night time parade and fireworks were so crowded! I'm glad we stayed though, it was pretty magical :) 
and the Dole Whip.
seriously do not leave Disney without trying it!!

well I managed to escape from my bathroom with a still grumpy baby, so our night was a little rough. 
the rest will have 
**to be continued**

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