Friday, March 20, 2015

you can call us Dr. and Dr. Cain

derek and I sooo called it that Owen is/already has developed asthma. 
therefore we should be doctors.

poor nugget can't catch a break in the breathing department. 
new medicine & another appointment in two months is what we were left with.
+ suckers. always a handful of suckers.

baseball practices have officially started & the little babes are so cute to watch! Owen was so happy. He stopped to tell me "mommy I'm excited!" 
he sure does cherish the little things in life. 

This little guy is just excited that it's finally warming up here! Outside is where he belongs with all his energy. I see a lot of adventures in our future.

All is well with baby 3.0
I'm finally starting to feel like I have a hunch to what gender baby will be. 
I'm feeling team blue lately! 
only 85 more days left (I'm thinking less) till we find out. 
& until my number one man gets a nice six week paternity leave ;) 

But for now it's mouse trap time & waiting for daddy to get home early 


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