Monday, March 16, 2015

you win St. Patty's day

I'm officially back on the ol' Facebook again. the break was definitely needed :) I'm happy to be back creeping on people's lives though. 

We took a little unexpected trip this weekend to my parents & then on to my hometown. My very first best friend's mother passed away & I was not missing it for anything. 
I hated the reason we were there, but it was good to see old friends and show Derek where I half grew up (until we moved)

Time is just flying for Derek and I. 
We are usually busy three nights of the week, now add in baseball two nights a week. baby appointments every two weeks, chiropractor weekly, asthma doctor & school. 
mushy mommy brain is getting the best of me. I just remembered tonight, around 9:30, that tomorrow is St. Patrick's day & I have nothing planned for the boys!

hitting the hay early so I can at least wake up to make some green milk ;) 

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