Wednesday, March 4, 2015

a little bit of everything

Lots going on in the Cain house & my oldest nugget is sick. We are 99% sure it's bronchitis, again. Owen has some bad allergy/asthma issues meaning (pretty much) every time he gets sick it will be bronchitis.
so for future references, if I ever ask if you and your peeps are sick, please don't take it personally. I'm more worried about my kid and his ability to breathe.

Luckily this guy isn't mad about our cancelled date & doesn't mind staying home with a sick bubby.

The third munchkin is still baking away at 25 and a half weeks, which is 100 days till my due date!
I've gained a whopping 12 pounds so far & more to come with these sweet cravings!
Lots of people have been asking..we do have a couple name possibilities, nothing set in stone until after we meet our babe. for now baby's name is still baby 3.0

Paint colors are being tossed around the purple baby room & too white living room.
Does anyone else get overwhelmed picking out paint colors?

Hopefully (triple crossing my fingers) tonight and tomorrow will be our last snow days. I need warmer weather so we can open these windows & actually put the paint on the walls! 

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