Friday, March 6, 2015

almost there!!

and by there I mean to 50 degree weather, so I can open some windows!

One of the biggest things I hate about winter is my house feeling stuffy and full of sickness germs
+ cabin fever.

I really hope I don't jinx myself, but finally this big boy seems to be on the mend

He had a handful of breathing treatments & lots of snuggling. 
and when I said Jake seemed to not be sick...he totally is. thankful it's just a normal cold for him, but baby bear sure knows how to milk it. I am enjoying the extra snuggles from him though. This kid never sits still anymore and definitely doesn't snuggle. 

Hoping today is the last yucky day in our house. I've been washing my hands like crazy trying not to get sick myself, but I think I feel it coming on :( 

Here's to a sick-free weekend!

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