Friday, February 20, 2015

Things I should probably give up for lent, but I'm not

+ apple juice, or as my husband calls it "your bud light" 
yes. please bring me home a 6 pack.
better yet, a 64 ouncer will do

+ chocolate
but let's be real, that will never happen!

+ pinterest. I have boards of workouts I'll never do, desserts I'd shove my face in, dream houses wayyy out of my price range & wedding plans for when Derek wants to re-marry me ;) 

+ target
I secretly think Derek made us move so we wouldn't be close to a target or hobby lobby anymore. 

+ sweatpants. snow days this whole week means the boys and I are not getting dressed. Whoever invented them, I love the snot outta you! 

+ reality tv, more specifically The Bachelor. It's practically over & I'd hate to miss the final rose! 

The list could go on, but my littles insist its chocolate time & I'd hate to disappoint them

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