Thursday, February 12, 2015

great wolf + preschool stuff

today, Derek and I attended our first parent teacher conference & we couldn't be more proud of our little guy! 
he has came so far 
(he's been late on everything- crawling, walking, talking etc.)
his teacher is impressed with how much he knows & told us so many great things about him. We definitely walked out of there as the proudest parents!

Now let's rewind a bit...
Last weekend we met up with some of our close friends at Great Wolf Lodge. Owen didn't want to leave, Jake wasn't sure about it but still seemed to have fun.

 We ended our trip at my parents house and got to ride Thomas at the train show.

This week was full of appointments, school & a valentine party. I'm one of the room moms for Owen's class, so it's always fun planning their cute little parties. 

A long and cold weekend ahead for us..I think we are starting some kitchen remodeling or maybe we should think about baby 3.0's room first! 

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