Wednesday, February 4, 2015

grumpy bear + a little bit of life

things have been semi busy around here

jake has transformed into a different kid..a not so nice kid. It's really wearing Derek & I out. tonight is the start of a new bed time routine! 
so far so good
I've also given up on nap time with him, which makes the day a bit more challenging. just cross your fingers this new routine works & for mommy and daddy's sanity. 

On Sunday we went to baseball sign ups for Owen! I'm not sure who is more excited, him or daddy. Of course we had to go out & get Owen's stuff right after. and a mini game may or may not of taken place in the living room too :) 

A quick baby update...
we have passed the halfway point! 
I'll be 22 weeks on Saturday
Here is the halfway bump:

today the little guys and I decorated valentine cookies for daddy. They didn't mind taste testing a few cookies & the icing. We've also been working on Owen's valentine box for school.

Thank goodness tomorrow is our Friday! 
I see warm water & bathing suits in my future ;) 

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