Saturday, January 10, 2015

snow days + baby 3.0

Owen has his first official snow day from school this past week! I was just as excited as he was. So what did we do at 8:00am that morning?

Skipped breakfast & headed outside of course! 
And what happened approximately five minutes after we got outside?
"Mommy I'm cold lets go get cocky & hoshmallows!" 
(Cocky= coffee, but he meant hot chocolate 
Hoshmallows= marshmallows)

I didn't spend an hour dressing us all up for five minutes, so I made them stay out till the 45 mark. Then it was cocky & hoshmallow time :) 

The rest of the week was pretty slow pace for us. A few more snow days & lots of snuggling...

on the table. Where baby bear likes to snuggle the most. 
"hol' me wike baby mommy"
and my heart melts. 

Time for a little baby 3.0 update.

•I am 18 weeks as of today! Almost halfway there :) 
•baby is 5.5 inches from head to rump & weighs as much as a bell pepper.
•Our first and only (by choice) ultrasound is coming up in a week-ish. We are pretty excited, but still not finding out what baby 3.0 is. 

•My latest craving

vanilla yogurt with bananas. 
can't even describe how yummy it is! 

• Queasy things
-smell of fish
-smell of peanut butter 
-pizza :( I'm pretty sure the baby hates it. I get sick after eating it almost every time.

My pants are getting pretty tight, jeans are so uncomfortable now a days & my bras barely fit, which isn't a problem says my hubby. Well, until I go shopping for more ;) 

Happy weekend! 

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