Thursday, January 15, 2015

come on spring!

I am officially over winter now 
& ready to bust out Easter baskets and tulips. Plus some fun things are happening when it gets warmer! 

And, as we tell Owen, the baby can come out & play when it gets warm outside. He is way too excited to have another sibling. But it is the cutest thing I've ever seen. The way he talks to my belly & kisses it..boy knows how to melt momma's heart. 
Speaking of baby 3.0, he or she is finally big enough that I can feel the kicking! It started a little over a week ago & I am enjoying every kick, punch and jab. 

Things have been pretty quiet around the Cain house. Which means cabin fever is going to set in soon! which is why this momma texted her BFF & asked if she wanted to do something fun, with the reply of "when are we going?" 
hubby said heck yeah
so the little trip is booked & the baby Cain's haven't stopped asking to see aunt B since :) 

Hope everyone has a great long weekend! 

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