Saturday, December 27, 2014

little Christmas recap

I don't know how, but somehow I managed to get through a handful of christmas parties, church services, christmas day & a two hour road trip to my parents. 
I had finally had enough and my wonderful husband took me to urgent care and waited three hours with me. 
sinus infection it is!
I have never experienced something quite like this. The headaches were unbearable!! 

Thankfully the pressure and headaches didn't start until christmas night, so the day was still somewhat enjoyable. 
We had a fun morning with just us and the boys. Then Derek's momma came and spent a couple hours with us until we had to leave. Chef Derek was in the house too with a yummy breakfast :)  

(jake isn't a morning person)

Christmas at my parents is always fun! My dad cooks way too much delicious food, but easily my favorite part taste testing all his creations. 

It was a short visit, urgent care was a bummer, and we missed seeing my grandma & uncle, but still glad we were able to see my parents. I miss them a lot! 

Today was our last celebration with my MIL and sibling in-laws. We had a late lunch while the babies all played. Jammy (what the boys call Derek's momma) got the boys a tent for their bed. They have been in it all afternoon! And we finally got to give her her mason jar hanging light that Derek has been working on!! It was a good ending to our busy week.

We are all christmas-ed out in the Cain house. Enjoying the last week of winter break with my boys, friends & family.
see yah next year ;) 

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