Tuesday, December 23, 2014

merry christmas

Our first Christmas got switched to last night & I'm happy to say, I got all my cooking and baking done for it! 

All day Owen would say "time to see pappy now? And bouncy house!" 
(He bought the grandkids a bouncy house for Christmas one year & it's still a hit!) 
unfortunately the bouncy house was forgotten about until 10:00 when we were rounding up to leave. These things might of been a tad bit cooler ;)

Good thing today is now a "free" day for us because Jake is worn out! It is 11:10 and he is STILL sleeping from last night. 
Mommy sure is getting a lot done earlier than planned though ;) the next few days are sure to be fun & just as exhausting!

We hope everyone has a great Christmas and enjoys the real reason for the season!

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