Friday, December 19, 2014

finally on Christmas break!

So when you're pregnant everything intensifys, right? 
your smell, taste & other certain areas...I mean have you tried a snickers bar while pregnant?! right there.
then why does our immune system not jump up and kick ass. I've had the worse cold for 6 days. six days people.
I'm finally starting to see the end of the tunnel, but I never want to repeat that week again. I even popped some cough drops & sprayed excessive amounts of saline spray (I'd rather it of been something stronger) just to get through Owen's preschool party yesterday. 
It was worth it

There's my two little cheese balls right up front...obviously Jake learned to smile from his dad :) 
Speaking of Derek, we have an actual date night tonight without the boys!
*cue the chorus*
we love our boys to death! But need this little break badly. They will probably be having a wayyyyy better time at Jammie's (Derek's mom) anyway! She even upped us one and offered to keep them over night. She's one awesome lady y'all.

Now can we just let it sink in that our first Christmas is on Tuesday & this momma is way behind! I have a lot of baking & prepping between now and then + something on the calendar every day till the 27th. yikes! one being Fluff-a-nutter's (my dog Charlie) second birthday :) 

Guess I better go get my helpers up and figure out how to make a dog cake.

Merry five eve's before Christmas Eve!

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