Friday, December 12, 2014

Christmas cards are coming, I promise!

I addressed my last Christmas card this morning! Off to the post office this Saturday to mail the rest of those bad boys out. I'm usually really into doing them but this year...this year I blame the pregnancy exhaustion.

I did manage to make myself presentable to attend one of Derek's work Christmas parties. I'm glad I went, talk about a ton of yummy food!! & super nice people ;) 
Santa even showed up and I thought my boys were going to lose it

No tears for Santa from my boys, ever! I'm pretty sure they were the first ones to jump up and have him hold them. 

Monday consisted of the stomach bug coming out of both ends. 
TMI? sorry I'm not sorry
It was awful. 
I can finally think about & eat food again without getting nauseous.

Wednesday, the other room mom & I planned the preschool Christmas party. I think the kids are going to love it! 
Which means both boys and I are going shopping tomorrow plus grocery shopping. 
wish me luck? 

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