Friday, December 5, 2014

I'm backkkk...for a hot second

what a busy holiday season it has been so far! I guess the biggest thing that has happened is we announced this

after some complications, we are excited to finally be pregnant with our last planned child. I am 13 weeks, we aren't finding out what it is & I'm due in June :)
About 4 days before we found out the big news, we booked a trip to Disney world with my parents. I will be huge pregnant but looking forward to every second being their with my little guys. 

Other than those, just everyday things have been keeping us busy & this momma exhausted! 
school, dishes, laundry, name it, it's probably on my list of things to do! It doesn't help that I've been falling asleep approximately 8 seconds after we put Owen to bed every night. 
which always puts me in trouble with this little guy...

Banana, the elf, is back. He has been here for 4 days & I'm ready for him to leave! The boys love him & somehow that makes the little mushy spot in my heart happy, so I scramble to move the damn thing every. single. morning.

I became an aunt again!
This squishy, little, handsome man has been giving me baby fever for over the past month! 
His mommy & daddy send us pictures almost daily :) I can't get enough of him.

Daddy has the boys running wild in the basement, so I better start working on my mile to-do list

Happy Friday!!

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