Tuesday, August 5, 2014

happy early anniversary to us!

the stud muffin & I will be married for three years next Wednesday :) 
Derek always told me we have to do the traditional gifts & it has to be handmade. 
I got this.
year one was paper. nailed it!
year two was cotton. pretty easy
year three is leather....I don't have a clue!
Derek hit it right on the head though. we are shying away from homemade but still staying traditional. Today he came home later than normal carrying this

He said he was so excited he couldn't wait & that I had to open it now! 

You know how you say or point stuff out to your husband and you don't think they are paying attention or will even remember? Well my husband definitely doesn't fall in that category! He pulls stuff like this all the time & I secretly love it.

so in the bag....was another bag, a leather MK bag to be exact :) he's too good! 

How is a wifey suppose to top that you say? well I had a little thing up my sleeve that was non leather but leather could be added to it. 

and just like that I became the coolest wife he has
add a leather gun carrier thing of course & I was golden.

so there's (almost) another married year in the books.
next year is fruit...I wonder how he feels about a fruitcake ;)

just because :) 

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