Monday, July 28, 2014

Weekend fun

Oh Monday, you always seem to sneak up so fast. We had such a fun weekend celebrating Jake's birthday. We hit up the Good Zoo at Ogleby and had a little cookout with his aunts,uncles & grandparents.

Today we had Jake's two year well visit. He only got one shot & doesn't need anymore till he's four :) 
Big man weighs 26 pounds & is 34 inches tall. 

The boys are constantly changing & I wish I would of wrote more things down that they've said or done. Here are some of Jake's current things:
•favorite animal is a pig
•when he wants attention or for me to hold him he says "mommy I love you" 
•every morning when he wakes up he just wants his bubby or daddy
•we sit in the rocking chair & read the same book everyday 
•he use to eat everything, but now watches Owen & is becoming picky

bring on the not so terrible two's ;) 

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