Saturday, August 16, 2014

soaking up the last bit of summer

we have been trying to squeeze in a bunch of fun things before Owen starts school in three short weeks! 

My cousin took the boys and I to get snow cones and walk down by the river. These snow cones were huge! I mean look at the boys' those are kiddie size. 
Monday, the little boys and I are taking my cousin to our favorite ice cream place!

we took the boys to the "beach" to swim! They loved it. 
we've been spending more time at Barkcamp lately, a beautiful place we always overlook.

still working with this big baby! Fair time is coming up & to be quite honest I'm getting nervous! 

play dates with baby Liza. they decided to skip walking & teach her to run! she got back at them by making them ride her around in the dune buggy the rest of the afternoon :)

hiking adventures to find all the bridges 

plus: sleepovers with grandparents, a baby shower, birthday parties, playing with the neighbor girl, trips to the man store, movie nights and lots of snuggling!

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