Wednesday, December 25, 2013

the night before Christmas

so as a mom of boys, I'm learning to buy two of everything. but even doing that, Owen hoards them both and we still end up with a sharing problem...nonetheless we have had a great few Christmas's & one more to go! 

Monday, my cousin & Aunt came over with some goodys and of course I didn't take any pictures (bad on my part) 
but we had a great visit & I hope my cousin got his real know not the lunch meat ;) 
thank you so much for all the gifts!!

later that night we had Christmas with Derek's brothers, their dad & our sister in-laws anddd the babies :) 

not sure I even got one that isn't a tad bit  blurry :( 
thank you aunts & uncles & pappy for all our gifts!!

Tuesday, was the annual Christmas Eve party at Aunt Deb's. It's easily one of my favorites! And two of my favorite people got engaged :) 
only two pictures from this night...I think I was trying to live more in the moment this year. we had such a good time though,up until it was time to go home. grumpy, sleepy, way past bed time boys + trying to get them dressed in pajamas = a distaster! 
the boys got some pretty awesome gifts in the baby exchange & the hubby and I got really good ones too!! 

Oh I almost forgot! Banana, our Elf, left the boys each a present on Christmas Eve morning.
with a note saying he will be back next year

cow print pajamas!
clearly Banana knows what my boys like ;) so far Owen has only asked about him once, keeping my fingers crossed he won't ask anymore.

Christmas Day recap will make it on here soon, but now it's time to snuggle up with my main man & catch some Z's

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