Sunday, December 15, 2013

Hoho and Banana

we were finally able to take the boys to see "hoho" as Owen calls him. 
Jake is the only one who is still a smidge sick. Yesterday he puked once and I'm crossing my fingers that is the last of it! This momma is tired of washing sheets & making beds.
Anyways back to this Santa...he played it so well! Owen brought up Banana..
our naughty elf, Banana :)
and Santa played along right with it! He told the boys that Banana has been to the North Pole every night and tells him good things. I love when the Santa's are really into it and make the kids seem special. 

Owen and I have already started baking! He made a test run of chocolate chip cookies for Santa last week and the big Cain boys (daddy, unkie tractor, pappy & Lee) ate them all! So I'm sure Santa will love them. 

He also made a bunch of buckeyes and today we are making sugar cookies. 
Jake helps too..he's our taste tester. There's nothing that boy won't eat! 

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