Friday, April 19, 2013

thanks police man!

I'm pretty sure I've read my last post a couple hundred times. I can't get over the sweet little things my husband said about me! I'm such a lucky girl :)

Wednesday night marked a very special day for me/Owen. When he was really little (we're talking like 6 months old little) he use to say "ma ma ma" and I was so excited. It was his first word & I kind of shoved it in Derek's face :) Little did I know...he was just repeating sounds we made. He didn't know what mama meant at that age. After he did know I was mommy he never called me mom, mommy, mama etc.
I was known as pap pap.
Now that our little guys vocabulary is really expanding, he's learning tons of new words & their meanings.
That night was the first night he called me mom & mama.
Derek and I were sitting on the couch, Owen comes up looks at Derek points and says dad. Then looks and points at me and says mom. Derek and I both looked at each other in shock!
He then climbed on my lap and said mama.
My heart literally melted as my eyes filled up with tears!
I will never forget that moment :)

This happens regularly :)
my fur baby<3

he eats everything!! I think he likes pizza best.
Flirting back with AT&T guy gets you a $20 credit, new DVR box & overnight shipping.
my husband was proud of me :)
for real he was.
the boys and I did some damage at Kohl's

 Yes I am slowly making the switch to cloth diapers. My friend Lauren sent me some of the ones she doesn't use & I've fallen in love. It was a bit overwhelming at first, but she's amazing at answering all of my questions!! It really is so easy.
Bring on the money saving once I have a few more cloth diapers :)
Owen likes to pick out their clothes.

Cone of shame.
No pictures from tonight, but I had to have a cop help me jump start my car. Luckily I saw him when I walked in the grocery store. I did all my shopping, loaded the car & tried to start it.
Derek was at home with the sleeping babies
my dad just left today to go to a conference out of state.
basically I was screwed!!
Until I remembered seeing the cop. I hopped my hinney out of my car as fast as I could hoping he was still there!
If somehow you are reading this nice police man, thank you again so so much!!
Oh and probably the best news of the night. Tuesday night Jake slept all through the night.
yes you read that right!!
8 straight hours. It was amazing.
Of course that was a one time thing but its progress people!
This post is so jumbled
I think that means its time for bed!!

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amber.m said...

That outfit is AMAZING!

Also, I just tried to reply to your comment but you're a no reply commenter :(

But here is what my comment said:
It was really cool! Maddie really loved it and Owen was just kind of there.
And I'm not kidding, that tiger scared the crap out of me!
They had a lion and a panther too, but they were asleep on the other side of the cage thing.
That damn tiger just kept pacing back and forth and back and forth and would stare us down! I COULD HAVE REACHED THROUGH THE FENCE AND TOUCHED HIM!! THAT CLOSE!! Okay, maybe not THAT close but he was less than 3 feet away and that is pretty dang close!!