Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Derek takes over!

Before Derek takes over my little bloggy blog for the day...the reasoning behind it is from mrs to mama 's cute link up!!
She came up with the idea to have a loved one write a few facts about you.

So without further ado...here is the handsome man himself :)

Thank you beautiful for the nice introduction. Hello family, friends and random blog hoppers. A few facts is an easy feat to take on when it comes to my wife.
1) Her feet are ticklish and she does not want you to touch them. NO MATTER what.
2) She sleeps on her stomach every night and slept miserably while pregnant.
3) She has been known to pick off all the toppings on her pizza and eat it plain. She chokes on the cheese.
4) MUG root beer is the only root beer she likes. No Barq's or A&W.
5) She is the only woman to have ever ridden on my motorcycle with me. Leaning however is not her strong suit but we are working on that.
6) She always kisses with her eyes closed. (I don't obviously).
7) She is a very passionate and loyal friend to those lucky enough to be her friend. It's amazing how you lose people you called friends when marriage and children become a part of life. I can only wish that some day I will be as strong as she is.
8) She is an amazing mother to our children. Arts and crafts, play dough, flash cards and many other activities occur at our home on a daily basis. My office is covered in drawings and paintings to prove it.
9) She is the strongest person I have ever met. College has been delayed as she chose to stay home with our children. I adore her for doing this.  A selfless act such as forgoing education to ensure that our children are well cared for during their formative years is rare these days.
10) She wants nothing more than to return to the country side where I'm from and raise our family on the farm. 
11) If I let her she would turn our home in the city into a farm. She wants one of every animal and every dog on those abused animal commercials.
12) She's just as gorgeous in a cocktail dress as she is bare foot in cut off shorts.
13) Sandals are appropriate footwear to her no matter the weather.
14) She would rather purchase something for our children, that they don't need, then buy herself anything. Amazingly selfless in her actions.
15) This is not the final fact but I will end with this one. I am the luckiest man in the world because you chose me as your husband. There were many handsome men that night at the Malaga bar and grill but you grabbed my butt. I have loved you from the first night we met and I fall in love with you every day we spend together.
Thank you for allowing my to hijack your blog for a minute. Love you beautiful.


Nicole Talarovich said...

Aww...I cried! (Don't tell anyone) Lol. You two are like the perfect fairy tale life everyone wishes they could have. Absolutely perfect for each other. You both are doing a wonderful job with the boys also! :)

Micah Cain said...

Thanks Nicole :)
we definitely aren't the perfect fairy tail life haha it's taken A LOT of work to get to this point! lots of arguments and being in a long distant relationship..it was tough!! But we learned how to work as a team & respect each others feelings and thoughts. I wouldn't trade it for anything!

Kelly said...

What a great post! It is always great to hear the amazing things about yourself! :) Very sweet!

Micah Cain said...

Yes it is :)
I'm definitely not complaining! haha

Happily A Housewife said...

Stopping by from the link up, do sweet! I was the same way with sleeping on my stomach, being pregnant and trying to sleep was horrible!