Monday, April 15, 2013

Cars bike & pumpkins?

I hate how weekends seem to fly by.
I could definitely use an extra day between Saturday & Sunday!

Saturday, my grandma & her twin sisters and brother came to visit for the day. It's always good to be around family <3

After they left, Owen went swimming as usual and Derek & I did a little clothes shopping for our growing boys! We also scored a good deal on a Cars bike for Owen. I was hoping to save it for his birthday.
Me: "should we save this for his birthday?"
Derek: "no! We have to give it to him now"
typical response from my husband :)

our visitors wore him out!
Sunday, we headed back to the man store and bought our plants for the garden.
So far we have a few different tomatoes, bell peppers, sweet peppers and strawberries. We have room for a few more plants...I'm thinking pumpkins! I guess we will see what my farmer says about that.
Today is all about spring cleaning the floors & carpets!!
and a few walks + playing outside.

Happy Monday :)

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