Tuesday, April 9, 2013

my son likes to play in cow poop

It's finally starting to feel like spring in my neck of the woods!
We have been outside as much as possible & the boys are loving it!!

Mommy and daddy really need to start planning on building them a swing set. We love taking them to the parks, but it's such a hassle loading the car up just to go there. I'd rather walk out my back door :)

Friday we just hung around the house (daddy had private practice till 8:00) & played out back.

Saturday was a semi busy day!
We dropped the dog off at the beauty salon
and both had eye exams.
After waiting over an hour past our scheduled appointment (they are lucky I brought my "fun bag" for the boys!) we finally got called back. I decided to go with contacts this time not realizing how frustrating they are with little eyes!! I've spent a good amount of time with my finger in my eyes the past 3 days. It is getting a bit easier now and eye drops are helping a ton!
On Sunday Derek had his normal PP stuff. After he got home we headed off to the man store, AKA Lowe's, to get our materials to build our raised garden beds.
Owen had a blast playing in the cow poop dirt!!
I can't wait to plant everything & have yummy fresh veggies.
Later on we headed over to my parents for dinner & Owen went swimming.
(I'm pretty sure this is a Sunday routine now)
I swear he's part mer-man.
Jake had fun too, even though he wasn't allowed in. We dipped his feet in and participated in the splash zone.
Monday was the day I was dreading.
Derek, Owen & I all had dentist appointments.
Long story short, I was afraid I had wisdom teeth coming in & am scared to death of being put under for surgery.
Luckily for me though, my dad had no wisdom teeth and my mom only had two...guess who I texted and thanked right after my appointment :)
The icing on the cake was no cavities.
Owen did great too!! I wasn't able to watch or take pictures because they were cleaning my teeth while they did his. Derek said he opened his mouth & let them clean his teeth though. He even got a token to get a prize for doing such a great job!
Later on we had to take my furry munchkin to the vet. He is fully potty trained but would have multiple accidents in the house a day. And by multiple I mean five within an hour!
They did a ultrasound on his bladder & put a catheter in with no luck. They did send us home with antibiotics though and he should be 100% better in 9 days!
...which in 9 days is when he gets neutered.
Such a rough life this little guy has!
Today the weather has been perfect!! I packed the boys up at 9:30 and headed to the park.

We had the whole place to ourselves & ran around like maniacs. Owen loves enclosed slides  and wanted Jake to wait at the bottom for him every time. Then they'd just laugh & laugh.
Their laughs are just the sweetest thing.
Owen really wore him out!
Enjoying the rest of our afternoon with the windows open
& playing out back till daddy gets home.


ForeverWithLove said...

Looks you guys had a good day! We spent the day outside as well:) I cant believe how big Jake is:( Tell them to quit growing!!

Micah Cain said...

Tell yours to quit growing too!!!
We really need to get the kids together soon :)
Hope you're enjoying Florida!!