Monday, April 22, 2013

exciting announcement!!!!!!!!

a new baby will be added to the Cain family in September/October!!
I really can't contain my excitement!

My sister & brother in-law told us the big news in march in a clever way.
Devin had just finished their attic as an extra bedroom (he's pretty awesome at making things!) and told us he took pictures of the finish product. He handed Derek the photo envelope & inside were pictures of their ultrasound. I kinda freaked out a bit.
I mean they were kind of my only hope at becoming an aunt....I have a brother, for those who don't know, but he was needed in heaven at an early age.
They also aren't finding out what the baby is & I think that is the best part!! I can't wait to see Devin come out to the waiting room and announce what their first little bambino is :)
All of my odds are on a girl though!!

Saturday night was full of laughs, drinks & great friends!!
oh & this guy.....
We all went to the Funny Bone at Easton.
Let me just tell you, if you have one near by and have never been...I highly recommend it!!
It was the perfect adult night out.
Alicia and I are really thinking it should be a monthly thing :)
Sunday was a relaxing day.
We went outside & on a walk then 3 of my 4 boys passed out!
Charlie, Jake & Derek.
Owen was content playing & watching Dora so I told the hubs I was off to Target.
and we all know that place is my happy place!
An hour + a snickers frappuccino & $70 later. I came back home with party supplies in hand.
yes I have already planned & bought stuff for Jake's first birthday.
it should be pretty cute!!
Derek changed his private practice days so here's to hoping tomorrow goes smoothly with little to no tantrums!


ForeverWithLove said...

Sandy told me and I almost cried for them! I know were not close anymore but I know they really wanted one. Im soooo excited for them..(and Im thinking girl too!!) I want an invite to the babyshower;)

raisealittlecain said...

I'm pretty sure we are both on the same level of excitement :)
There isn't gunna be a baby shower till after baby is born so sometime in October! You can come with me!!!