Wednesday, December 19, 2012

See yah after Christmas!

lets see the past few days are kind of a blur. My father in-law came & went then my cousin, Jared, stayed with us monday night. Oh and we finally got to eat at Roosters! I tell yah what, that place is hard to get into up here. Needless to say it was good I just wish I chose a different sauce on my wings. I was even a good wife & brought some home for Derek :)
Both visits were great!
We love the extra help with the boys. Especially now that Jake has 2 teeth getting ready to pop up! He is in so much pain his little voice is all raspy & hoarse. Teething tablets and orajel have been helping a lot!!

Lots of wrapping & packing to do!
Hurry up Saturday we are ready to be back in the valley!!

Merry Christmas
to you & yours
from me & mine

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