Wednesday, December 26, 2012

recovering & snuggling + long post part one

Christmas was so fun with Owen this year :) he did a great job opening everyone's presents, literally everyone's!
Well, let me rewind a bit, it wasn't all fun & games.

Friday morning both boys woke up sick. We're talking the runny noses, diarrhea, know.
i was heart broken
1) because they both were miserable
2) because I knew we weren't going to get to go back to the farm & see all the family.

Thankfully my momma came over to play nurse with me & we got them feeling a little better.
Then bed time came & Jake had a rough time. We were up every few hours trying to help him any way we could.
Mind you, through all of this, he still managed to smile & laugh. What a trooper!
Saturday morning came and we said we weren't going. By then both boys had it, I was feeling nauseous all morning & then Derek asked "do we have any Aleve D?" That's when I knew he was feeling pretty crummy too. We really didn't want to be cooped up in the house all weekend so we took a risk and finished packing the car. We got the boys medicine & baby Vicks and headed out of town!

Now I know most of you mommy's are saying "oh my gosh those poor babies, their parents are awful" but we knew they would be happy at the farm & we would have extra help. So that's that.

Saturday night Owen was feeling tons better and Jakey seemed better too. He did have his outbursts from his teeth hurting, but nothing teething tablets & orajel couldn't fix. So we had a nice first Christmas at my mother in-laws that night. The boys (and us) got way too much stuff!! Jake got a walker from his aunt and uncle (kalyn and gabe) that I know he will love. He wants to be mobile so bad, so I hope this helps.

Opening present's from Aunt Kalyn & Uncle Gabe

Sunday morning we had breakfast with my father in-law, two of my bro in-laws and one of my sister in-laws. Then we had a second Christmas. Pappy got the boys a blow up moon bounce with a slide. Owen was ecstatic! He's a bouncing fool.

Pappy & the boys in their moon bounce!

The boys' other aunt & uncle (katie & devin) got Owen a IH tractor that he's in love with! Jake got some really cute clothes, a drum and a big touch and feel book!

Derek, uncle Gabe & uncle Devin

"mom are you looking!"

That night we went over to Devin & Katie's for dinner & to hang out :)
Devin even got out his old toy tractors to let Owen play with! He was in heaven!!!

We got to watch a tractor parade all through the house :)

My nephew Bentley & niece Lucy<3

Christmas eve is one of my favorite days.
Picture this:
Big soft snowflakes falling outside
Carol of the bells playing softly in the background
The fire burning bright
& snuggling on the couch with your hubby<3

That is my absolute favorite...only it never happens. a girl can dream right?

Moving right along
On christmas eve we went to visit my grandpa (pap pap).
I wish I could capture the look on his face when he is holding a baby or playing with one. He just lights up.
Owen had him playing with some cars & a motorcycle at the table. Then he grabbed Pap pap's hand, with his little fingers, and pulled him out to the living room.
"sit sit sit" he said.
And you guessed grandpa got down on that floor, without hesitating, to play cars again :)

Christmas eve night, we all go over to Derek's aunts (aunt Deb) house for a family get together. We had a few different gift exchanges ( i love the present i got! thanks again Bethany!!) and ate a lot of yummy food + pumpkin rolls. yes they get their own recognition because they are just that good!

Landon, Abel, Derek's pap, Ellie, Jake, Owen & Jake

I love Baby Gap clothes!! I died from cuteness overload :)
This is getting rather long, don't you think?
Kudos to you if you are still with me :)

On Christmas eve we left to head back home around 11:30. We pulled in a little after 1:30, put the kids in their beds & unloaded the car. Let me tell you it was packed!!!
All of you aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, our parents, & friends, (yes I'm talking to you!!) thank you so much for all of our wonderful gifts!!! You really put Derek up for a challenge to load our small SUV with all of them!

Well that is what us Cain's have been up to through Christmas eve night. Nap time is almost over & I still have a lot to unpack!!

Part two coming soon :)

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Chrishelle Ebner said...

Stopping by from the blog hop. Cute pics. Made me miss my first Christmases with my kids (their all teens now)Enjoy it!