Sunday, December 16, 2012

not ready for Monday

It's been a pretty busy weekend here at the Cain house.
wrapping gifts, playing with trucks & tractors, baking cookies, washing little bottoms, making special know, the usual.
Thank goodness for father in-laws & a weekend off (dairy farmers work hard & rarely have days off). He helped entertain the littlest Cain's while Derek and I got a lot done!! Thank you Pappy :)
Saturday the boys -minus Jake, went to the "Man Store" aka Lowes and worked in the garage all morning. Jake helped me bake cookies and make treats for daddy's work party tomorrow.
Never will I ever go out shopping close to Christmas again! We had a few things to pick up & boy was it busy as ever!! Next year I will be even more prepared & make sure we get every gift before December or as Derek suggested shopping online.
I feel like Christmas is coming way too fast. Does anyone else agree?
I mean we leave on Saturday to go start our Christmas hopping! Which means I need to start packing our family of 5 (yes five, no I'm not pregnant. I counted our dog in there) or else come Saturday morning it will be chaotic here!
sigh. I love going back to the farm but man do I hate packing!

Moving right along....
Today we went to my cousin in-law's (did I just make that up?) little boys birthday party. Owen had wayy too much fun! :) he was even crabby when we left. Meaning he'd sleep good right?
no. The complete opposite.
We laid him down at 7:45 he didn't fall asleep till about 9:30. He was up out of bed running around his room.

Crossing my fingers tomorrow isn't one of "those" days.

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