Monday, October 8, 2012

Thank goodness for state jobs & Columbus day

I guess I'll do a little weekend recap.
Saturday we hung around the house getting ready for our bonfire. We dropped Owen off at my parents for a spend the nighter, because we all know he wouldn't of stayed in bed with "new friends" in & out of the house. Alicia came around 7:00 so we could meet her man, Brian. They really are the cutest! He would sneak her little cheek kisses, it was really adorable :) Everyone else came around 8:00 just in time for the Buckeye game! Even though it was bonfire night, we only stayed out there long enough to make s'mores & devour a meat and cheese tray before we came back in to watch the rest of the game. Just in case you were wondering we kicked Nebraska's rear end :) Derek passed out on the couch around 11:00 and started snoring loud..blame it on the alcohol right? Everyone left a little after midnight (that's late for this momma!) so I covered Derek up & went to bed. An hour later, Jake decided it was party time and every two hours after that too. Let's just say it was a rough night & Sunday consisted of Jake and I snoozing on  the couch while daddy was doing his private practice stuff & picking up Owen.

Since today is Columbus day & my husband works for the state, he had the day off :) Best Monday ever, esp. because I was still am exhausted. I was perfectly fine snuggled up in my favorite blanket on the couch, but he insisted we go out as a family. Off to Polaris Mall we went. Got myself a Starbucks and felt a little less zombie like. I was also excited to go in Baby Gap and get those super cute pants with little cows on them (from my previous post) I literally searched the entire boys side and found nothing with a cow on it!!  Derek said they probably only carry them in Gaps that are in the ass.
I did find Jake the cutest hat in Old Navy though!

 Haha I love it!!
Just put the boys to bed, time to snuggle with my Mr.

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