Thursday, October 11, 2012

Things you probably don't know...

-When I put new sheets on our bed, it has to be made perfectly. I seriously spend way too much time making it.

-I love doing laundry but hate folding it. Clean clothes will stay in baskets for days.

-When I make any kind campbell's soup, I never add the extra water. I like my soup thick.

-It drives me crazy having a messy kitchen

-I love playing dress up with my boys :) Little clothes are fun.

-I eat raw cookie dough (doesn't everyone?) I also like to eat crescent roll dough. Don't knock it till you try it!

-I pretend I know how to walk in high heels

-I love the smell of Johnson bedtime bath for babies. I use it on them everyday, bed time or not.

-I have a fear of blood, not yours just my own.

-I'd pick a bonfire with friends over a party or something fancy any day.

-My dog sheds & it drives me crazy, but I love her to death.
-I love to take pictures but always seem to forget my camera...hence the bad phone pictures :/

Jake is growing so fast! He looks huge laying on his brother. I know Owen is small for his age, but Jake needs to stop growing. He's my last baby :( I went through his clothes today and packed up all the cute little outfits to take to Once Upon a Child. I hope they take a lot!!

I was afraid this wouldn't fit! Santa brought each of the boys one :) I had to try it on just in case!!

So glad tomorrow is Friday, this momma has had a rough week!


Hannah/ Mommarazzi said...

so cute! & go you on getting a head start on christmas gifts!!

Micah Cain said...

I'm always trying to be ahead lol both boys are done for Christmas! :) On to the hardest people to shop for, my mom & husband!

Krista Pickett said...

Haha, love that there are others in the world who have laundry baskets full if clean clothes! My husband would definitely agree that Im not good at finishing the laundry lol

Micah Cain said...

Its the worse part of doing laundry!! I forced myself to put away one basket today lol