Thursday, October 4, 2012

Fall wish list..kinda

I absolutely love fall! It's the perfect weather, perfect for football and bonfires & perfect for shopping!! I cannot wait to do a little shopping. Unfortunately, I have to wait to see if I get one of these jobs before I go shopping for myself because then it will mostly consist of dress clothes. The boys, however, can wear anything & I've already been looking for cute things!
Baby Gap
Baby Gap

These two things are just so cute! I wish the sweater came in different colors, but I'm still thinking of getting it for Owen. And the pants! I love them even more!! Going to Gap this weekend for sure :)

Baby Gap
Jake needs this! I love the whole mustache craze going on...weird but cute I think. Maybe that's the only reason I like this?! very possible. That and it's the perfect shade of purple for fall. I use to hate purple with a passion! The color, the flavor, the scent anything associating with it made me want to puke. Apparently I got over that phase and really like it now, well just the color, I still want to vomit with the grape taste.

 Puma track suits are the best! Both boys have one & I seem to go for the jacket every time its cooler out. It is really light weight and warm. I'll definitely be getting them new ones every so often as they grow out of them.

Aside from my shopping addiction, dinner tonight was horrible!!! I am sick to my stomach at the moment. Derek wasn't suppose to be home for dinner but came & surprised us. So naturally I didn't cook, I was going to make mac and cheese for Owen. We were all really hungry so we decided to order out from this pizza place we have had before. I will never eat there ever again!! First when I called to place our order the guy barely spoke a lick of English. Derek gets "sick" if he eats onions so I told the guy about four times to not put them on his sub. Problem #1 the sub had diced onions on it. Not so easy to pick off. Then I ordered buffalo chicken tenders for myself with ranch. Problem #2 chicken tenders= the size of my pinky finger. So satisfying. Problem #3 I asked for ranch sauce not watered down ranch. It was horrible! I also ordered a small cheese pizza for Owen. Problem #4 their menu says they have sizes s,m,l,xl, the guy told me "Mame I do not have small or medium just large and extra large!" Okay fine, I ordered a large. Problem #5 it just plain old sucked! I don't think it even had sauce on it. So now because I was too lazy to cook, I am sitting here with an upset tummy debating if the toilet & I are about to become bff's. 

Bed time for the boys & snuggle time for me and the hubbs :)
It keeps turning on me when I upload it :(

Tractor made out of Owen's foot print

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