Tuesday, October 2, 2012

ornament swap :)

Before I forget, I am participating in two different ornament swaps. Basically you meet new people via Facebook, twitter, blogs etc. and send each other a little holiday gift! All the rules are on the blog sites. I think its a cute & fun idea!



We have BIG news in the Cain house today!!
Owen went on the potty all by himself today :) I'm such a proud momma!
I would go into detail, but I'm sure all of you aren't as excited as I was.

I almost forgot to show you guys the cutest little pillow Owen got from his grandma at the punkin festival!
Long story short, Derek's family owns a dairy farm with animals, tractors, the whole shebang. They would not be caught dead with a John Deere tractor, t-shirt or anything! International Harvester is where its at :)
Hence the cute IH pillow!  

What happens on my tractor stays on my tractor

Nothing on the agenda for tomorrow, so I'm thinking it will be craft day! Finger paints, glue, glitter...all the messy stuff. why? because life is too short to worry about messes :)

Okay off to look at some daycare's/nannies for when & if I get one of these jobs! keep your fingers crossed.


Shay said...

Well, I think successful potty training is totally exciting:-) Even though my son is months away- us mommas have to celebrate things like that!

Micah Cain said...

Haha yes definitely!! :)