Friday, June 30, 2017

MRI results & such

I can't believe it has already been two weeks since our little guys MRI!

He wasn't scheduled to go under until 3:00, so we knew we had a long day ahead of us.
Derek and I got up around 6:00 to try and feed Maks his last meal for several hours. It didn't go over well. Maks usually wakes up at 7:30 and likes his morning routine-- gets changed, eats a squeeze pouch, plays while breakfast is made & then slams on six pancakes. Homeboy was not feeling this six AM, shove food in my face thing. So needless to say, he didn't really eat much & I was starting to panic for our two hour car ride later on.

Derek hopped in the shower, I managed to get Maks to drink some of his "milk" (like a pediasure) and then it was cut off time.
We went about our normal morning routines, got the big boys off to camp, had a meeting with some Maks people (another post for another time) then loaded up and were on our way.
I could not of asked for a better car ride there. We only stopped once, for my dad's fathers day gift, and Maks was as calm as can be. We dropped off Owen and Jake at my parents, hung out for a little bit, and made it to Children's hospital around 1:45.

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It was comforting to have the same nurse as we did with Owen. She recognized us right away & let Maks go pick out a toy. We were about eight hours out from any food and only starting to get hangry--seriously he was such a trooper!
Luckily they were able to take him back earlier than scheduled & Derek and I were able to finally get something to eat. We didn't want to chance it eating in front of him. 

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About 30 minutes later we were back waiting  in his recovery room. I could hear this familiar cry all the way down the hall, yup that's Maks. Finally we got our little man back in our arms and calmed down enough to pull out his IV. He took a few sips of juice and was free to go.
The rest of the day consisted of eating everything in sight! Oh and that dreaded two hour car ride home because you know, baseball.

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On to the results...
We don't have all of them yet, but what we were told is it's nothing concerning. He has two white spots on his brain stem and this could be a couple different things. They are waiting until our follow up visit in August to explain everything in detail.
Are we scared, no.
Nervous, just because of their location.

I'm not sure if I've ever said on here, but he was diagnosed with spasticity and global developmental delay. Quick Google searches to explain those:

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We are very hopeful for Maks' future. His progress amazes us everyday & it's just going to go up from here!
Happy weekend,

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