Monday, May 18, 2015

our weekend

Friday Derek got home early! 
that rarely ever happens anymore, but we love when it does. 
The boys played outside while daddy & I cleaned out the car to go trade it in. Good old ron weasly (my car was burnt orange, the name is fitting) was starting to act up gear shift wise. It had a good 90,000 miles on it so we didn't want to put any "big" money into it in case it was the transmission. Instead we got this new beauty!

No name yet but I'm working on it ;) 

Saturday, Owen had a baseball game & my nesting mode hormone things officially started! I had every intention of finally painting the baby's room.

The turquoise wall got done but the rest of the room is still purple & pink butterflies. Somehow I ended up painting the living room instead!?

We spent the rest of the weekend finishing painting the living room, going to Derek's church he grew up in & playing with the boys.
The last week of school is this week & then we are officially on summer vacation!! 
I can't wait :) 

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