Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mother's Day weekend & baseball

I'm a bit behind, all my boys (husband & dog included) are snoozing, so I'm going to try to catch up with this! 

Mother's Day weekend was pretty great! Started off with taking my mother in-law out to dinner on Friday night. Then my best friend (aunt B) showed up to stay for the weekend!! 
Saturday morning we had our first away t-ball game. My parents even came to watch our little man! 

Owen is one lucky duck, he usually always has someone at his games besides Derek, Jake and I. 
Pappy, Unkie Tractor, baby Liza, Aunt Katie, Jammy, Grandma & Papaw, Unkie Gabe, Aunt Kalyn, baby Lincoln and aunt B!! 

At some point over the weekend, we went to Lowes with thoughts of buying wood to make a few raised garden beds...we left with our wood & a new fridge!? 
I secretly think derek bought this for mothers day so he could have a beer fridge in the garage. I'm tellin yah he's a sneaky one! I'm not complaining though, happy mommy day to me!!

this was definitely my favorite Mother's Day gift though!! Nothing beats a handmade gift in my mind. And some of his answers- hahaaa! 

Jake gave me lots of extra lovin and told me "I'm mommys baby" sometimes my little sour patch kid can be really sweet :)

On Sunday we went out to breakfast with my sister in-law, both brother in-laws and my mother in-law. Did a little shopping afterwards then came home to play.

Dentist appointments and the last full week of school! 
Jake hates to brush his teeth. 
Really, it's such a struggle. 
Tell me why he loves going to the dentist then? I wonder if they'd come brush his teeth every day for me...

Owen had his first Field Day at school this week and it was his first time being at school all day! 
He loved it! 
And thanks to a couple of my awesome friends, I have pictures of my happy little guy from field day

Now I'm wondering if he's going to be mad that there are no slides or bouncy houses this last 3 days of school? 

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