Thursday, April 9, 2015

not how we wanted to start our weekend

remember how I said Owen's asthma medicine was causing him to have side effects?
well we tossed that junk & were back at the doctors on Monday. $100 later we left Kroger with a inhaler and chamber. 
he has needed it a couple times so far (he loves to wrestle and chase daddy around the house, he has mostly indoor allergies) it's been working great and fast!
Then today happened.
Thankfully Owen's teacher has been keeping up with us and our little guy. 
She called, told me Owen wasn't doing well & I managed to be there in 10 minutes time with Jake and inhaler in hand. 
we got the Owe-nator home and he seemed to be doing better. as of now he is still coughing a lot, with asthma it could be a few different things. 
At this point we are just watching him closely...this shizz is for the birds!

I think this busy weekend just got changed into a somewhat relaxing weekend, in hopes to get this cool dude back to normal. 

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